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Galileo contracts worth over

31 January 2007 – GMV announced that it has recently signed 5 new Galileo contracts worth over €40 million (USD 51.8 million). These contracts involve the supply of key systems and also a significant participation in the engineering and design tasks of the complete system. GMV now is the fourth biggest European participation in the programme and the biggest Spanish participation.

GMV is developing some of the key program elements responsible for the system’s final performance features, such as the OSPF, the veritable brain of the Galileo system, which calculates the precise position of the Galileo Satellites and synchronizes all the system clocks, and the IPF, responsible for calculating the integrity parameters that enable Galileo to be used for safety-critical applications.

In the control segment GMV is developing the FDF, which calculates the satellites’ operational position and attitude and generates the necessary maneuvers to keep the satellites within the pre-established orbit and antenna-pointing parameters at all times.

GMV is also developing the SPF, which facilitates the exchange of information between Galileo, the users, the service providers and other external systems, such as the GPS. Lastly, GMV’s Portuguese subsidiary, Skysoft, has won the contract for developing the MNE, whose remit is to offer functions of network connectivity, security and monitoring.

GMV is also responsible for signal experimentation of GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B, the two first satellites of the Galileo system, for which it will validate the Galileo signal, analyze the behavior of the on-board clocks and calculate the satellites’ precise orbits.

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