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GAF’s EO products for UN-IFAD and ESA

Munich, Germany: GAF AG, a geo-information technology and consulting company, announced that it has successfully completed the provision of services in Western Madagascar for the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (UN-IFAD) and ESA. For an area of about 14,000 square km in Madagascar, GAF has provided dedicated state of the art Earth observation products which have been customised to meet the specific user requirements of the UN-IFAD in the best possible way.

The GAF products include:
– Recent land cover map with 10m spatial resolution,
– High resolution digital elevation model,
– Customised information layers regarding slope and aspect for GIS import,
– Basic drainage system mapping for irrigation planning and flood prevention.

International financial institutions (IFI) provide financial support and professional advice for development activities on local and regional scales in developing countries. Their activities are generally organised in dedicated projects financed by long-term loans or grants covering social and economical development aspects in a wide range of fields. For certain fields, Earth observation products and services have been identified as a useful tool for supporting the monitoring and management of IFI projects in order to improve the efficiency of the investments made and to assess the impact and social benefits of the financed development activities.

ESA, as part of its Value Adding Element (VAE) programme, has been interacting with IFI and their stakeholders to understand their working environment and also their information requirements in particular with regard to EO services. This process resulted, among other things, in the definition of service specifications for the UNIFAD, which were put out to tender.

Source: GAF