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GAF associates with eoworld initiative

Germany: World Bank (WB) and European Space Agency (ESA) awarded Service Production to GAF AG in Bolivia. In the framework of eoworld, which is a partnership programme of WB and ESA, together with its partner EOMAP, GAF will provide dedicated state of the art Earth-observation (EO) products regarding water quality, land use and land use change for the Lake Titicaca sub-basin in Bolivia and Peru.

During a meeting at WB’s headquarters in Washington DC, together with ESA, WB and EOMAP, all service products have been finalised. For an area of about 47 000 square km in Bolivia and Peru (Lake Titicaca sub-basin), together with EOMAP GAF will provide dedicated state of the art EO products which have been customised to meet the specific user requirements of WB best possible. Including Water Quality products such as information on Turbidity, Suspended Matter and Chlorophyll-A as well as mapping products on Land Use/Land Cover and Land Use/Land Cover Change, the service will deliver products for environmental monitoring of Lake Titicaca between the years 2003 and 2010. All delivered products will be validated together with the service performance by WB and local stakeholders. The benefit of the information service will be assessed relatively to the objectives of the project as well. Project activities will be concluded in February 2012.

International financial institutions (IFI) provide financial support and professional advice for development activities on local to regional scale in developing countries. Their activities are generally organised in dedicated projects financed by long-term loans or grants covering social and economical development aspects in a wide range of fields. For certain fields EO products and services have been identified as a useful tool to support the monitoring and management of IFI projects, to improve the efficiency of the investments made and finally to assess the impact and social benefits of the financed development activity.

ESA, as part of its Value Adding Element (VAE) programme, has been interacting with the IFI and their stakeholders to understand their working environment and information requirements in particular for EO services. Especially with WB, ESA started a partnership programme named eoworld. Within this programme, first dozen of Bank teams from across a variety of sectors and representing all regions were selected through a competitive process to receive assistance of ESA to apply EO services in selected operations.

Source: www.gaf.de