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GAF AG to prepare Mining Cadastre for Nigeria

Munich, 22 June, 2007. GAF AG announced that it has been awarded a contract to set-up a new computerised and countrywide mining cadastre system for Nigeria. The project aims to improve governance in the mining sector, through the establishment of a transparent system to grant, manage and cancel permits.

The project activities include set-up of the new computerized mining cadastre in Nigeria, training, database generation and institutional strengthening. A key component is the design and development of the computerised mineral titling system SIGTIM which will be especially conceived for the new mining law in Nigeria – for the benefit of the administration, miners, investors as well as the public.

About GAF:
GAF AG is a company providing solutions in the field of remote sensing and spatial information systems. GAF AG offers services such as supply of geo-data (satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation models), and geo-services (image processing, thematic mapping, GIS/DBMS applications and software development).