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GAF AG produces land use map for entire Germany

Munich, Germany, June 2, 2009 – GAF AG announced the mid-term milestone for the production of a national land use and land cover data set. The raster data product will be available in summer 2009.

Land use and land cover data are useful for many business and research applications. They enable regional planning activities, the set-up and management of mobile telecommunication networks and facilitate environmental mapping and monitoring. At present, only very few and outdated data sets matching high quality customer criteria are readily available. To meet this growing demand, GAF had decided in early 2009 to launch the production of “EURO-MAPS LC”, based on recent, multi-spectral IRS P6 LISS-III satellite data sets dating mostly from 2007/2008. An object-oriented production chain and fully quality controlled, interactive mapping procedures are combined to create a homogeneous product, featuring 22 object classes with a minimum mapping unit of 0,25 ha and a minimum 90% accuracy in each object class. The data set will be marketed using a staggered license model adapted to corporates and public authorities.

Regine Richter, Head of Land Use Applications at GAF AG, states:”According to our market assessment, Euro-Maps LC is indeed unique regarding thematic accuracy, thematic precision and homogeneity. It is the fruit of 20 years workflow development and an accumulated experience of 2 mio. km² mapping at 1:50.000 and 1:25.000 scales. In combination with a high positional accuracy EURO-MAPS LC can be utilized for many purposes either as stand-alone product or in combination with other data like e.g. Euro-Maps 2D and Euro-Maps 3D, which will be available soon.”

The production takes place at GAF premises with support of EUROMAP, a 100% affiliate located in Neustrelitz, Germany.