G8 leaders sign Open Data Charter

G8 leaders sign Open Data Charter


Ireland: The G8 leaders have signed an Open Data Charter at their summit in Northern Ireland, putting open data firmly at the forefront of international efforts to drive economic growth and use transparency to improve accountability. Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA and UK met at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit.

The Open Data Charter sets out 5 strategic principles that all G8 members will act on. These include an expectation that all government data will be published openly by default, alongside principles to increase the quality, quantity and re-use of the data that is released.

G8 members have also identified 14 high-value areas – from education to transport, and from health to crime and justice – from which they will release data. These will help unlock the economic potential of open data, support innovation and provide greater accountability.

Each member of the G8 will publish an open data action plan in October this year, showing how they will make more data available, in line with the charter and its principles. They will report back on their progress at future G8 summits.

Source: EPSI