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Canadian company GÉO-3D has released a new version of TRIDENT-3D analyst software. The software version 3.1 includes several features. It has a ‘Pavement Line’ tool, which is ideal to easily create center line files. It has a direct SHP file import from GIS which is most useful to display external layers onto one’s images (2D analysis panel). Other features include 3D SHP file support (including elevation): X,Y,Z information is safeguarded when exporting and importing SHP files, token count specific to linear elements, allowing users to benefit from the auto-polyline feature and load sequences from the Overview Map using the new ‘Sequence Hotlink’ tool, by a simple click on a given object of a sequence layer. Sequence layers are simple polyline layers associated to sequence information. New tool integrated to reorganise image directories enable users to merge or split sequences as they wish.

TRIDENT-3D Analyst is a soft-copy photogrammetric tool for the analysis of digital images captured with horizontally oriented camera systems. TRIDENT-3D Analyst has the capability of working in static or temporal stereo-base mode. Its tight integration with GIS tools makes it a powerful GIS data collection tool to inventory roadside infrastructure assets.