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‘G-tech empowering utilities worldwide’

Dubai: The second day of the Middle East Geospatial Forum 2014 witnessed several user and technical sessions. Geoff Zeiss, Editor – Building and Energy, Geospatial World chaired the session on Geospatial and Utilities. James Weninegar from Alabama Power, USA highlighted how his company Alabama Power Company (APC) dramatically improved its ability to meet customer needs for reliable electrical energy through earth observation systems. “Geospatial technology also helped us in curbing the costs”, he said.

Dr Samy Ismail Elmahdy, Civil and Engineering Department, UAE University cited a case study of Al Dhaid where GIS technology was used for spatial probability modelling for groundwater potential zonation. He explained how GIS and remote sensing was used for groundwater potential zoning for Al Dhaid, UAE. “Data on hydralogical properties of shallow acquifer was recorded to validate the groundwater potential zones map”, he said.

Other sessions on Earth observation Systems for Economic Development, geospatially Enabled Future Cities and Smart Transportation and City Management were also held at the Forum.

Source: Our Correspondent