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G-powered robots to protect European borders

Finland: Protecting maritime and land borders is a daily challenge for Europe. Now, some new robots have been engaged on Europe’s last frontier of border protection. These prototypes have been designed by scientists as a part of European Union research project.

“Everything is based in data base systems that have been included in the vehicle,” said electrical engineer Alex Feldman. Those database systems include accurate topographic simulations of the environment around. For a series of tests in south-west Poland, 35 different computer-simulated elements were created by the developers.

“It includes topographic data and aerial data. For instance, information on surrounding buildings, its heights, water sources, agricultural areas, fences, trees, roads, buildings,” said remote sensing engineer Eija Parmes from Finland’s Technical Research Centre.

Topographic simulations, data from embedded cameras and radars, and autonomous navigation systems were then integrated into a single, easy-to-use tracking and control unit under the supervision of Polish and Turkish engineers.

“We have created an enormous architecture for this project. This framework allows us to control autonomous systems from one centre. The number isn’t important, we can handle several autonomous systems here,” said electronics engineer Abdullah Inle.

Researchers hope the autonomous technology will eventually be able to provide a less risky, more efficient and reliable way to survey challenging land borders.

Source: Euro News