Functioning of Patna Municipal Corporation to be computerised

Functioning of Patna Municipal Corporation to be computerised


Patna, Bihar, India, 18 December 2007 -The Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) opts for e-governance, according to a TOI report. As a part of this all the records of PMC are being computerized with the help of Bangalore-based public sector firm Indian Telephone Industries (ITI). After this all the services of PMC like tax deposited by residents, issuing death and birth certificates and all finance-related matters of the corporation are expected to be done.

Also plans are on-way to integrate GIS with the system as a part of which maps of all holdings falling under the PMC jurisdiction and the utilities like water supply network will be turned into digital.

A sum of Rs 80 lakh is being spent on this ambitious project. While the hardware has already been supplied, the ITI, Bangalore, is currently busy developing the software which would be used by PMC after computerization will be introduced.

PMC’s Commissioner Mr. Rana Awadhesh ensured for delivering quick services to the residents and felt that the introduction of computerization will help in meeting the goal.

Awadhesh is also hopeful of using the new system for widening the tax base of the corporation. “Availability of GIS and digital maps would help us trace those holdings which are yet to be brought under the tax net of the corporation,” he said. The system is expected to be operational by first week of January.