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Fujairah develops e-map application for easy access to road data

UAE: Fujairah Public Works and Agriculture Department in UAE has developed a GIS e-Map system to manage and offer reliable spatial data of roads for supporting the local government in making decisions on infrastructure-based development. Supergeo has assisted the department in developing the e-Map system.

Public works and infrastructure-based development are the key to living quality. Serving as an authority for carrying out the construction and maintenance of all public works information in the Emirates of Fujairah, Fujairah Public Works & Agriculture Department manage huge files to collate information about local roads and infrastructure.

To achieve the aim of effectively sharing massive amount of geospatial information of public works with different departments, Fujairah Public Works and Agriculture Department developed a GIS e-Map system to store, edit, and share reliable spatial data of roads for supporting the Fujairah government in making informative decisions and policies.

In this project, a new transformation model was created to integrate the input GIS layers extracted from the old AutoCAD files with an ERP system to systematically set up and display up-to-dated data. Therefore, the public works personnel can consolidate new data sources to current system architecture and develop an advanced query tool for helping extract the detailed information from the ERP system.

The overall functionality of the system includes Basic Map Manipulation, Advanced Query, Reporting, and Measurement of features. The system delivers quicker response, offers better options to integrate standard SHP files with different ERP systems and other database formats, as well as allowing the department to use existing proprietary software along with SuperGIS Desktop to edit GIS layers.

In addition to helping schedule a job on specified intervals to update recent changes made in ERP system to the GIS layers, the e-map application offers several options to select data structure of output tables without altering the existing ERP system tables. Users can therefore obtain the output GIS layers with specified details quickly.

On the server side, a JavaScript-based Web application is applied to publish maps, GIS data and services. As a result, the public users in Fujairah can easily view, query, add, and manage the data via browsers to effortlessly plan the construction of new roads or renewals of existing roads and generate reports of different road projects.

The Web application security is also enhanced with the custom authentication function to help the administrators determines whether the authenticated user is authorized to access Web resources. With the development of the GIS e-Map application, the government officials are empowered to formulate future plans meticulously for different public work projects in the emirate of Fujairah.

Source: Supergeo