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Fugro to conduct AUV survey in Australia

Australia: Fugro Survey Pty Ltd. in Perth, Australia, will soon commence a deepwater survey by autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) as part of the Woodside-operated Browse LNG Development.  

Woodside commissioned Fugro to undertake a detailed seabed mapping programme, extending offshore from the proposed Central Processing Facility that will provide high quality data to assist with the engineering process for the proposed subsea pipelines and other infrastructure as part of this major project.

Following the success of a similar such project off NW Australia in 2010 Fugro will utilise its Australian based survey vessel, the 75m Southern Supporter, and its regionally based Hugin 1000 AUV. The Hugin AUV is a proven deepwater survey platform enabling multibeam echo sounder, side scan sonar and sub bottom profiling data to be gathered in water depths to 3000m. Powered by lithium polymer batteries and with a survey endurance of up to 24 hours the vehicle is ideally suited to the requirements of this project.

Source: Fugro