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Fugro alliance with TRL will provide integrated highways asset management solutions

UK: Fugro has signed an agreement with TRL, a world-leader in transport research and consultancy, to merge data collection and asset management expertise for highways clients worldwide.

In teaming up, Fugro and TRL will be well placed to deliver an enhanced range of specialist services, efficiently integrated to maximise value for the asset management programmes of government departments and highways authorities. Clients will have access to world class asset management proficiency and surveying capabilities tailored for medium to large projects anywhere in the world, regardless of project complexity and logistical challenges.

Fugro is a global leader in the acquisition, interpretation and processing of data on highway condition and construction, with a well-established international network of personnel and resources. The company operates a comprehensive fleet of state-of-the-art ground and aerial survey systems for scanning, mapping and investigating highways assets.

TRL is a world-renowned authority on the monitoring, testing and performance of pavement materials and on maintenance solutions for wide-ranging types of road construction. As a centre of road research excellence, its knowledge has helped establish standards in road performance and assessment for UK and national transport networks around the world.

Although not exclusive, the agreement will allow the two specialists to deliver dynamic and efficient asset management solutions tailored to highway networks throughout the asset life-cycle and with different technical challenges.

Fugro’s pavement services also include field and laboratory resources for geotechnical investigations and construction materials testing and monitoring. TRL is an acknowledged expert in management methods and tools for monitoring assets, assessing their performance and achieving best value for clients.

Source: Fugro