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FUGAWI introduces GPS Mapping support for the Pocket PC (CE)

Northport Systems Inc., the developer of premier GPS Mapping software programs, has announced that it has incorporated complete GPS mapping support for the Windows CE operating system. The Northport suite of FUGAWI GPS software products will provide for the ability to upload any map into a Pocket PC. The GPS enabled integration will allow for real-time navigation applications, as well as for upload/download of waypoints, routes and track features.

The FUGAWI suite of products now allows one to use any PDA or PC platform, to preplan trips and adventures on any map or navigate in real time anywhere in the world. The added functionality, developed in Toronto, at Northport’s head office, extends the versatility of GPS and PDAs like the iPaq across industries, markets and borders. Using any GPS receiver and any map, be it streets, topographic or nautical, Palm users can navigate a wide range of activities for hiking, boating, driving, surveying or even geo-caching!

“The Pocket PC offers an excellent platform as a navigation tool, it is a compact, robust and convenient instrument. Our customers can now view their positions in real time, GPS satellites, digital compass readings, and attach notes to waypoints,” said Zoran Vukasovic, Business Development Manager of Northport. “FUGAWI is a simple and user-friendly tool, with a strong brand name and strong market presence. We are excited to introduce the FUGAWI mapping package to Pocket PC users for any outdoor activity or region in the world,” added Vukasovic.