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French National Mapping Agency Licenses NEXTMap Europe Map Data from Intermap Technologies

DENVER: Intermap Technologies today announced a $1 million contract with the National Mapping Agency of France, Institut Geographique National (IGN). The Company will supply IGN with digital terrain models (DTM) for the French Alps to begin the upgrade of the national geospatial database for France.

Intermap recently finished collecting 3D digital elevation models for all of France, along with 17 other Western European countries, as part of their multi-country NEXTMap® Europe mapping program. Under the terms of the contract, delivery of the geodata will take place in early December 2008. The new dataset enables IGN to take advantage of the first uniformly accurate set of digital map data for the entire country of France.

“IGN has recently decided to set up an ambitious plan to improve DTM quality over France in the next five years. Our policy relies on reusing existing data, provided the data meets quality requirements based upon users’ needs. Therefore, a European call for tenders was issued in order to acquire DTM data over the French Alps. Intermap’s off-the-shelf data was selected based on the high-quality 5-meter posting that perfectly fit IGN’s requirements for these mountainous areas,” stated Gilles Martinoty, IGN’s partnership manager.

Supporting all or portions of seven departments in southeast France, the data will be used for public administration activities including aviation flight safety, civil defense, environmental applications, emergency preparedness and response, transportation route planning and noise reduction, and a host of other geospatial applications.

“We are pleased that IGN is the first organization in France to take advantage of our high-resolution map data,” stated Adam Denman, Intermap’s European vice president of strategic business development. “IGN conducted a rigorous validation of our methodology for creating DTMs in mountainous areas and they are very pleased with the outcome and quality of our NEXTMap Europe data.”