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Free Web demo of the new Blue Marble Desktop

Gardiner, Maine, USA – January 9, 2009 – Blue Marble Geographics (www.bluemarblegeo.com) announced that it will provide a free Web demonstration of the Blue Marble Desktop on February 3rd at 11:00 a.m. EST. Those who wish to participate need to sign up at https://www.bluemarblegeo.com/products/webinar.php

The Blue Marble Desktop is an all in one geospatial data management platform for Blue Marble’s popular data transformation tools. The Geographic Calculator and Geographic Transformer now reside in the same desktop window along with all of the capabilities of the Geographic Translator, which may be accessed from the Vector File Conversion tab of the Calculator. Users can work seamlessly with all of the features of both applications in a single interface through a combined license. Whether users are working with coordinate, vector, CAD or raster data, the Blue Marble Desktop allows them to address data conversion challenges within the same application interface.