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Free ECW plug-in released for ERDAS Imagine® 8.5

Earth Resource Mapping has announced the release of a FREE plugin that compliments ERDAS Imagine® 8.5. This innovative plugin will allow greater proficiency in the ERDAS Imagine® environment by adding support for ECW, URL, ERS and ALG image formats.

This plugin offers users:

  • Support for the leading compression format ECW
  • Support for adding remote ECW (using URL file)
  • Support for ER Mapper formats, ALG and ERS
  • A utility for setting plugin options, creatingviewing URL files

Mike Dunne CTO Products and Plug-ins of Earth Resource Mapping said “This plugin is another step forward in addressing one of the big issues for GIS users – interoperability. ERDAS Imagine® users will enjoy a significant benefit by having direct access to more data, both local and remote”.

To download the free ECW plugin for ERDAS Imagine® 8.5, visit https://www.ermapper.com/downloads.