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Free 84cm x 118.9cm map for Christmas

GfK MACON AG, geo-marketing solutions and consultancy provider in Germany, runs a Christmas campaign every year. Up to the end of the year, the Premium Edition of the GIS RegioGraph and DISTRICT come with a free paper map. These Business GIS’s support Marketing and Sales in customer, market and location analyses and in area planning.

The Premium Edition includes maps of the entire EU right down to administrative district level with the matching economic and population data.

The paper map in (84cm x 118.9 cm)DIN A0 format is available in the versions versions “Population Development and Density in Germany” or “Gross Domestic Product Index in Purchasing Power Parities per Capita in Europe”.

The full version of RegioGraph in the Premium Edition is available for 990 euros, while the Premium Edition of DISTRICT costs 1,790 euros.

The Christmas campaign will run until 31 December.