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Frankfurt Airport now standardized on Bentley Bim for operations and facilities management

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, announced Frankfurt Airport is now standardized on Bentley building information modeling (BIM) for operations and facilities management IT. The value of property, plant and equipment exceeds more than €2.4 billion. Bentley BIM allows Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide (FRA) to integrate and visualize large, complex sets of facility data through Interactive Facility Mapsä (IFMsä). Using IFMs, airport workers in engineering, finance, operations, maintenance, security, and emergency response find their relevant data more quickly and see it in the more useful context of the facility. Mission-critical data hyperlinked to IFMs includes airport spaces, leases, security keycards, and communications cabling.

Fraport most recently added its communications-cabling infrastructure, including all of the airport’s ducts, cable trusses, distribution outlets and piping related to communications, to its building information model. Bentley BIM aggregates existing documents and data that hold mission-critical facility information, forming a federated database that is visualized through IFMs. These IFMs enable Fraport to immediately identify and locate assets in a single, interactive, visual environment. As a result, Fraport’s lease contract agreements and rent charge-back are more accurate, its maintenance response time has increased, and it has improved the efficiency of its FM services overall.

Bentley’s BIM solution will play a major role in the Frankfurt Airport € 3.3 billion expansion project, the largest in the airport’s history. From the first plans and drawings, Fraport’s building information model will provide visual context for all spaces and cabling by visually combining distributed datasets into a cohesive whole. All IFMs are generated by Bentley® Facilities, a facility and asset management system for the operations and management of airports, automotive plants, retail chains, hospitals, financial institutions, government buildings, universities, and other large building portfolios. Only Bentley Facilities provides IFMs that connect with other engineering and enterprise systems, providing an “electronic operating manual” for facilities.