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France’s national mapping agency selects Intermap

Denver, Canada: Intermap Technologies announced a USD 804,518 contract with the national mapping agency of France, the Institut Géographique National (IGN). The Company will supply IGN with digital terrain models (DTMs), generated as part of its completed NEXTMap Europe countrywide mapping programme, for portions of south-eastern France and the entire island of Corsica (approximately 30,000 km2 total) to improve its altimetric database in these regions.

This announcement supports IGN’s plan to upgrade its national geospatial database and calls for the provision of INSPIRE-compliant metadata along with the DTMs – scheduled for delivery beginning December 2010.

“After a European-wide call for tenders, Intermap’s readily available data was once again selected based on its ability to cost-effectively satisfy IGN’s quality requirements,” said Gilles Martinoty, IGN’s partnership manager.

Covering all or portions of the Pyrenees, the Cevennes region, and Corsica, the data will be used to support a variety of geospatial applications, especially environmental and emergency preparedness and response applications.

Adam Denman, Intermap’s Vice President and General Manager Europe, said, “IGN clearly recognises the fact that our data can complement their existing data in a cost-efficient and timely fashion as they seek to upgrade their national geospatial database.”  
Source: Intermap