France offers geospatial systems to Arab nations

France offers geospatial systems to Arab nations


France: France has recently made efforts to sell geospatial satellite systems to countries throughout the Persian Gulf region, as an integral component to its defense strategy. After having already reached an agreement with the United Arab Emirates, the French government officials are now looking to strike up a deal with Saudi Arabia.

The French government sold two military satellites to the United Arab Emirates for a total of $913 million. Following this initial deal, the European nation is now attempting to continue with its campaign to strategically equip certain Arab countries with geospatial technology. For its next venture, France plans to target Saudi Arabia, encouraging them to purchase a sophisticated military system.

Fuelled by its defense preparations against Iran, the French government has decided to align itself with other nations on the Arabian Peninsula. By offering them advanced geospatial tools, France hopes to win over these countries and establish a firm foothold throughout the Persian Gulf.

Source: Ptfs