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FourSquare teams up with OSM, dumps Google Maps

US: Location-based service (LBS) provider, FourSquare, dropped Google Maps and embraced OpenStreetMap (OSM). The company contacted MapBox to create maps using the OSM data in a technology called MapBox Streets, which now powers Foursquare.com. This solution was deemed the best because the maps are being constantly updated, and there is more flexibility for Foursquare to change things like colours and fonts.
FourSquare, in a blogpost, said that it would no longer use the Google Maps API at Foursquare.com that it has used since its launch. However, the company’s mobile applications would continue to use the Google Maps API. The company further stated that maps on Foursquare.com will now look a “tiny bit different”, including different colours and buttons, but it insisted that FourSquare is “still the same site you know and love”. The company further stated that they decided to drop Google Maps after seeing several companies migrating to other options. The firm felt that OpenStreetMap, a crowd-sourced global atlas, was the best option as it is like “Wikipedia for geography”. 
Source: Digital Spy