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Foursquare ensures privacy of users

New York, US: Foursquare has unveiled a new option to help prevent the location-based service’s users from accidentally sharing their home addresses with the world. The privacy fix allows a Foursquare user to classify a Foursquare check-in spot as a private residence by selecting “Home” for the category of the venue.

A Foursquare support website offers these details, “This will ensure that only you and your friends can see the address on the venue page; everyone else sees a zoomed out map with no map pin (rather than the real location). If a Mayorship, badge unlock, or check-in is shared to Twitter or Facebook, the venue URL will include a map without a specific location for everyone.”

Foursquare will also allow users to flag venues as homes even if they didn’t create them. Users just need to click the link marked “Report a Problem” for a list of options. They can then select “Venue is my home” option.

Source: szsu.com