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Four records by China in satellite launching in 2004

According to sources with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China succeeded in sending ten self-developed satellites into pre-set orbits with eight Long March carrier rockets in 2004. In the next year, China will face new challenges, among which the launchings of Apstar 6 and Shenzhou-6 have been put on the agenda.

Official with the corporation said that the year of 2004 is a year of record in China’s aerospace history as embodied in following four aspects.

First, 2004 is the year that sees Long March rockets be launched at the highest frequency. It is the first time for Long March rockets to have been launched eight times, sending ten satellites into pre-set orbits. The success rate has been greatly enhanced.

Second, it was seen in this year most kinds and largest number of satellites launched, most new technologies applied and the most stable on-orbit operation. China developed in 2004 various kinds of satellites including resource satellite, recoverable satellite, scientific experiment satellite, scientific exploration satellite, meteorological satellite and small satellite.

Third, 2004 sees best fulfillment of the tasks planned. The launchings in 2004 were concentrated in the second half year: seven in less than four months from July 25 to November 18, all of them were carried out on time as scheduled.

Fourth, 2004 sees fastest progress in astronautic products, technologies and innovation in management.

By People’s Daily Online