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Forum to explore AI-GIS in climate change

Artificial Intelligence (AI) research is finding broad applications in real world problems, including control, planning and scheduling, pattern recognition, knowledge mining, software applications and strategy games. A significant real world problem where AI has a role to play is climate change.

The last several years have witnessed numerous changes in the world’s climate. Dealing with climate change is an extremely challenging task, involving several relevant issues.
Scientists in related areas—environmental science and geo-informatics, for example—have been working hard on this problem for years. The highly complex character of climatic phenomena requires extreme computational power to model, understand and, hopefully, prevent its catastrophic consequences. This has laid down an immense challenge to the AI community: how AI, as an underpinning technology, can promptly respond to help leverage the full computational power to deal with the problem.

To address such issues, the 6th Multi-Disciplinary International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, MIWAI 2012, will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on December 26-18, 2012 with the theme “AI for Climate Change.”

The conference will be hosted by Nong Lam University, a leading university in providing human resource for the southern areas in Vietnam. MIWAI-2012 is inviting papers on advances in AI techniques and related fields. A special focus of the workshop is the role of GIS along with AI in addressing climate change issues.