Fortified Holdings releases VantagePoint

Fortified Holdings releases VantagePoint


Washington D.C., USA, November 13, 2007: Fortified Holdings Corp. announced the launch of its wholly owned subsidiary, Fortified Intelligence, with the general release of its latest product, VantagePoint a suite of geospatial mapping software tools that have been specifically developed for laptop and desktop computers, as well as for network servers. VantagePoint provides easy and affordable access for developers to add mapping functionality to virtually any desktop, server or web-based application.

Market opportunities for VantagePoint developers target a myriad of products and services that can be tailored for use within a diverse and growing list of user communities. These groups and organizations currently include Earth sciences, meteorology, agriculture, emergency management, first responders, law enforcement and military, oil/gas exploration, forestry, mining, logistics management, and many others.

Martin Chapman, lead developer for VantagePoint and Fortified Intelligence’s Chief Software Engineer, commented, “VantagePoint is based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards and offers a powerful and feature rich suite of software components that provides Microsoft Windows developers with capabilities that they can leverage for geospatial application development, at a price previously unavailable in the marketplace.”

Fortified Holdings CEO Brendan Reilly stated, “As our organization develops and acquires technologies that are focused on improving the ability of delivering mission support information anywhere, at any time and under any condition, we are extremely excited about the value that we see the VantagePoint software bringing to the company, our stakeholders, and especially to our customers. With the launch of VantagePoint we have dramatically expanded our market reach into the rapidly growing USD 3.6 billion geospatial software marketplace.”