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Formosat-2 celebrates a decade in orbit

Taiwan: Formosat-2, a high-resolution earth observation satellite operated by Hsinchu City-headquartered National Space Organisation (NSPO), is set to enter a second decade of service in orbit, according to the NSPO.

The first remote sensing satellite developed by the NSPO under Taipei City-based National Applied Research Laboratories, Formosat-2 was launched into an 891 kilometre low-earth orbit May 21, 2004, from the West Coast of the U.S.

As part of 10th anniversary celebrations, NSPO is hosting a series of events. These include a nationwide exhibition of satellite images and models, as well as a specialist conference May 21 at National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Centre in Taipei City.

Since commencing operations, Formosat-2 has been capturing 2-meter resolution images over Taiwan, as well as other parts of the earth, including the polar caps. Formosat-2 is used mainly for academic and non-commercial purposes.

According to the NSPO, Formosat-2 has orbited the earth 50,435 times and recorded surface images totalling 112,652 square kilometres. In addition, the satellite has assisted 57 countries worldwide in handling 236 major catastrophes.

Source: Taiwan Today