Home News Former NGA Director, ex-USGIF CEO join Orbital Insight’s Federal Advisory Board

Former NGA Director, ex-USGIF CEO join Orbital Insight’s Federal Advisory Board

Orbital Insight, the leader in geospatial analytics, announced the addition of former National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Robert Cardillo and former United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation CEO Keith Masback as the founding members of the company’s newly established Federal Advisory Board.

Strategy documents for both the U.S. executive branch and Department of Defense (DoD)  call for the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to meet current and future national security challenges and threats in order to “protect U.S. service members, safeguard U.S. citizens, defend allies and partners, and improve the affordability, effectiveness, and speed of our operations.”

To realize this mission, the U.S. government has been collaborating closely with leading commercial AI innovators to validate and deploy new enabled AI and machine learning capabilities. Orbital Insight forms its Federal Advisory Board to help the company explore the full potential of its own geospatial analytics platform and AI software to help the U.S. better prepare for tomorrow’s challenges in maintaining peace and prosperity.

“The leadership and GEOINT expertise of both former Director Robert Cardillo and former CEO Keith Masback will help us empower multiple U.S. government and foreign allied government agencies to exploit geospatial information at global scale with their combined 60 years of public service,” said Orbital Insight CEO James Crawford. “The combination of AI and GEOINT domain expertise elevates policy decisions supporting national security priorities, international economic development efforts, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, that ultimately save lives.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to team with Keith to help Orbital Insight shape and deliver on its promise to create coherence out of our increasingly chaotic world,” said former NGA Director Robert Cardillo. “With advanced algorithms and innovative concepts of operation, Orbital is a key contributor to our comprehensive understanding of our planet today – and, more importantly, how to improve our world tomorrow.”

“Orbital Insight is leading the field with respect to applying cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide an unparalleled ability to monitor and understand activity around the globe,” said former USGIF CEO Keith Masback. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to work with this uniquely talented team, and eagerly look forward to working collaboratively with my longtime colleague Robert Cardillo to bring our collective experience to bear in support of this remarkably important work.”

Orbital Insight’s work with the U.S. government to date has already demonstrated success in solving some of the country’s toughest national security challenges. In one particular instance, Orbital Insight produced advanced analytics from daily Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging of the Earth to yield previously inaccessible insights. By providing multi-source automated geospatial analytics at scale, Orbital Insight is positioned to become a key industry partner in the U.S. government’s AI ecosystem.