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Former Digg CEO joins SimpleGeo

US: Jay Adelson, former CEO of Digg, a social news website, has joined as CEO of a geolocation data platform SimpleGeo. SimpleGeo’s founding CEO, Matt Galligan, who will become the company’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) revealed this information in his blog.

“To say that this has been a blistering fast ride would be a massive understatement,” Galligan said in the blog post about his decision to give up his CEO position. “The pace of innovation in the geolocation industry as a whole, as well as at our company, has been at break-neck speed since the beginning of 2010. We’ve gone from four to 23 employees in nine months, built technology that, at the end of last year we were only dreaming of, and have thousands of developers using our platform.”

“Jay founded Equinix, a billion dollar international company that operates data centres and provides network connectivity services for companies around the world. Currently, well over 70 per cent of the world’s Internet traffic depends on Equinix to reach its destination. He also co-founded Digital Equipment Corporation’s Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX), one of the largest Internet aggregation points in the United States. Before that, Jay was a founding employee of Netcom, one of the nation’s first ISPs,” writes Galligan.

Galligan co-founded SimpleGeo with former Digg Chief Architect Joe Stump.

Source: RWW & SimpleGeo