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Forestry Commission first to supply MasterMap Imagery Layer

Ordnance Survey of UK announced the first nationwide agreement for the supply of high-quality digital aerial photography from its OS MasterMap Imagery Layer.

The national mapping agency will supply data to the Forestry Commission to help with the development and promotion of sustainable forest management across Britain. The data will be used enterprise wide to manage the state-owned Forestry Commission Estate, administer the Woodland Grant Schemes and Felling Licensing in Scotland, England and Wales, and to support woodland surveys such as the Scottish Native Woodland Survey and the National Inventory of Woodlands and Trees.

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is being created from high-quality aerial photography that has been orthorectified to ensure the images truly and accurately reflect the positions of every feature at ground level without distortion. This enables the imagery to be overlaid on or combined with Topography and other layers of OS MasterMap for detailed analysis of the landscape. The data can also be integrated with other external data to support decision making.

Aerial photographs are being taken both by Ordnance Survey and its commercial partners, with only the best available 25-cm resolution and 24-bit colour imagery selected for use. This is to ensure that customers can be confident that they have access to nationally consistent, clear, seamless, colour-coordinated and totally accurate coverage of what exists on the ground.