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Forest Service purchases i-cubed’s DataDoors for Geodata Clearinghouse

i-cubed, a geospatial engineering company in Fort Collins, Colorado, US has won a contract from the USDA Forest Service (FS) to implement the DataDoors software system at the FS Geospatial Service and Technology Center (GSTC) in Salt Lake City. DataDoors will serve as the raster data- provisioning engine inside the FS Geodata Clearinghouse.

“DataDoors will allow users to quickly search the Forest Service archive of raster maps and images on the Clearinghouse web site and download the selected files directly into their image processing or GIS software system,” said Dave George, Group Leader for Clearinghouse and Program Coordination at GSTC.

DataDoors is an enterprise software system designed by i-cubed to reduce geodata procurement time from hours to minutes. Built upon a combination of proven database and image processing technologies, DataDoors enables the user to search via ArcMap or web browser for any type of geospatial data in local or remote databases. Once suitable data has been selected, DataDoors applies standard (or customized) image processing algorithms on the fly and delivers a tailored data set to the end user’s desktop application.

The FS Geodata Clearinghouse provides government personnel and the public with the online ability to search, view and download metadata and geospatial data sets pertaining to lands of the National Forest System. After DataDoors implementation, data sets will include digital raster maps, digital orthophotos and other imagery.