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Forest One merges with The Westervelt Company

Jackson, USA, August 13, 2007: Forest One, Inc., the provider of land and real estate business intelligence services, has merged with, Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based, The Westervelt Company. The merged company has been re-christened as Lanworth and will continue to operate as an independent company, which will offer services to the forest products, land management, agriculture, utility and real estate segments.
The merger will enable Lanworth to continue developing new products and services for both existing and new clients. Lanworth’s key areas of growth include new forestry and supply chain management technologies, proprietary landownership and real estate data, real estate higher and better use (HBU) analytical services, and crop production forecasting.
The Westervelt Company, a privately held organization of land stewards, owns and manages 500,000 acres of certified sustainable Southern yellow pine forests in the Southeast United States. Existing business units include natural resources, lumber production, real estate, outdoor recreation, and mitigation banking.

Forest One, founded in 2000 by Clark Love and Shailu Verma, uses technologies such as LIDAR to the forest and land management industries. Forest One serves major Forest Products Company in the US, as well as the EPA, the US Forest Service, Georgia Power Company, the World Bank Group, and numerous other clients in other industries.
“We will continue developing products and services for the forest products segment, where we have deep technology and cultural roots,” said Love. “However, our services would help customers outside the forest industry – such as government, agriculture, real estate, electricity and gas, and transportation industries. We wanted to have a name which could give us the appeal to reach a broader land-based clientele,” added Love.