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Forest destruction on Java to result in bigger floods in future

Greenomics, a local non-governmental organization in Indonesia supporting good forestry governance, has warned the government that the devastating floods affecting many parts of Java are likely to continue in the future. Through spatial planning predictions, the utilization of satellite imagery, field studies and comprehensive analyses, Greenomics identified 123 potential danger areas along watersheds in West, Central and East Java — the provinces that are predicted to see most of the flooding in the future. Should the government fail to act against those responsible for environmental degradation and deforestation, even more destructive inundations are likely to result in losses of up to Rp 136.2 trillion (about US$14.33 billion) arising out of damage to forests, fisheries and agricultural resources, towns and villages, public infrastructure and the business sector. Greenomics forecasts that by the end of 2006, only 364,000 hectares of forest will be left in Java, and all will have disappeared by the end of 2008. In fact, the remaining forests could disappear even more quickly if action is not taken soon.