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Ford embeds location-based services into MyFord mobile app

US: Ford has integrated location-based services into its MyFord Mobile app and teamed with public charge station aggregator PlugShare.

The move will push real-time station mapping, info and updates to drivers looking to recharge the batteries of their hybrid cars, with Ford looking to support US and Canada-based users of its new C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi.

Bill Frykman, business and product development manager, Ford, said, “When we launched the MyFord Mobile app and portal for the Focus Electric last year, it was the most advanced remote management app of its kind in the industry.”

“We”re now expanding availability of the system to drivers of our new plug-in hybrids and offering some unique features specifically tailored to these long-range vehicles,” he added.

“We designed MyFord Mobile to provide owners of Ford plug-in vehicles with a convenient way to monitor and manage their total energy usage, and we”re continually working to make the experience better,” he said.

The app will also provide point of interest options with charging station info to alert users of nearby pizza places and the like.

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