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Ford developing GPS-based crash avoidance system

US: Ford is developing a new and advanced crash avoidance system that uses wireless and GPS technologies so automobiles can literally speak to each other and mitigate accidents. The Automatic Braking Intersection Collision Avoidance System will utilise radio-based wireless sensors, GPS and navigation information to detect the relative location of other similarly equipped vehicles. The software would use this information to warn the driver of a potential collision and even begin braking.

Current technology based on radar and cameras can only find objects in front of and behind the vehicle. Ford’s new radio-based wireless system provides a 360-degree view and uses advanced engineering algorithms to validate any threats and react accordingly in real time.

Such smart car technology has been developed by local universities, government agencies and automakers for years. However, Ford’s latest efforts represent an opportunity to make this a commercial reality, bringing it to market within the next few years.

Source: Metromode