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Forbes.com integrates ZoomProspector mapping technology

New York, NY — Forbes.com, a business media companies, has integrated a ZoomProspector.com powered online map into its website. The custom made and fully integrated map, which shows demographic densities across the United States using ZoomProspector.com’s patent-pending mapping technology, was built to help Forbes show their website visitors “Where Americans Are Living Well.”

The dynamic map is built around the popular Google Maps interface and integrates demographic, business and geographic data for every county in the USA. ZoomProspector.com is a service of GIS Planning, Inc., which also produces ZoomProspector Enterprise, an online site selection tool which has been deployed and integrated for over 180 economic development organization websites. The seamless integration into Forbes.com is just another example of how ZoomProspector.com and ZoomProspector Enterprise can be integrated to match the look and feel of any website.

With demographic and geographic data on every city in the United States, ZoomProspector is a growing source of data for businesses, individuals and the media.
ZoomProspector.com allows companies to find the community that best matches its workforce needs, target customer base and infrastructure requirements, among other requirements. Much of ZoomProspector’s data is viewable on the site’s integrated and interactive online maps, and visitors can quickly do national, county and city searches through a few clicks of the mouse.