FMCG co to reduce carbon footprint with GIS

FMCG co to reduce carbon footprint with GIS


Dubai, UAE

Gulf Food Trade, the exclusive distributor of Mars products in the UAE has announced the incorporation of GIS into their distribution vehicles in the UAE to improve logistics to protect the environment and serve customers more efficiently.

GIS integrates with GPS technology to provide the optimum route to customers locations whilst optimising the daily routes travelled by vehicles. The new addition to vehicles contributes positively to the environment by lessening carbon emissions. Since its inception in the last quarter of 2008, this investment reduced the number of kilometers driven by each van by 57% and carbon footprint by 55%. In addition, productivity improved by 133% due to reduced vehicle stops during journeys and kilometres travelled, increase of sales, coverage areas, and sales invoices.

Hassan Khan, UAE General Manager, Gulf Food Trade explained, “GIS is now a system that can’t be ignored and will make us more efficient in servicing customers, improving logistic services and most importantly, continue being active in protecting the environment, as a responsible company operating in the UAE – we must play our role whilst serving our vision to become the number 1 FMCG supplier to our trade partners in the UAE.”

By the end of 2010, Gulf Food Trade will incorporate GIS into their pre-sales operations and empower 45 vehicles with the system across every channel in the UAE. GIS used in the company’s operations is expected to save one million kilometers which equates to a saving of 134 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission.

Khan added, “In the longer term, we will succeed in further reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. This is part of Gulf Food Trades commitment in deploying sustainable initiatives such as GIS to protect the environment in which we live.”