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Florida Power & Light selects Avineon for Tech 21 automated mapping project

Avineon has announced that Florida Power and Light (FPL), has selected the Company to provide Automated Mapping services for their newly migrated GE Smallworld Electrical Distribution Network representing FPL’s North, South, East and West Operational areas.

This project falls under FPL’s strategic 5-year Tech 21 plan, which includes updating and improving IT software and business processes that support the electrical distribution network. Under this contract, Avineon is responsible for spatially repositioning FPL’s network assets and white space management utilizing FPL’s Automated Mapping Tool Kit. The magnitude of this task is reflected in the size of FPL’s service territory, which covers 27,650 square miles in 35 counties, with facilities in approximately 14,000 square miles. FPL has approximately 9,800 employees serving more than 4 million customers. Power is delivered to these customers from 34 major generating units, plus non-utility sources, 436 substations, 2,580 feeders and cover 68,000 miles of electric lines. FPL has over 1.1 million poles in use.

The complexity of this project lies in FPL’s desire to have their newly created data in full production while Avineon is implementing additions to it. This aspect requires multiple coordination points within FPL and Avineon’s offices. Avineon will have over 80 design engineers working round the clock within the GE Smallworld system, implementing a vast number of changes on a daily basis to the existing Smallworld system, all of which have to be completed by the end of 2003.