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Florida Engineering & Surveying firm found in space

August 12, 2002-The National Geodetic Survey (NGS), the eminent scientists in the geodetic world, maintain four GPS CORS Sites in Florida: MacDill (Tampa), Cape Canaveral, Miami and Key West. The black hole, the void, the space is southwest
Florida: Lee and Collier County.

Finstad Land & Spatial Surveying Corp. (FLSSC), a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WOBE), owns and operates their three CORS sites: Orlando, Largo and Bonita Springs. The Bonita Springs site lies between Ft Myers and Naples. FLSSC is in the heart of the NGS hole, the void, and the space.

Finstad Land & Spatial Surveying Corp received national recognition with NGS publishing their GPS CORS site position established as a Type “A” monument. The closure on Finstad’s cors site is 1:10,000,000 (one in ten million). This position is based on statewide HARN sites and relative to the existing control monuments. NGS velocities and calculated NAD83 and ITRF 97 coordinates were obtained using NGS standards.

The Type “A” monuments are the highest order of accuracy in surveying. Type “A” monuments are utilized when public safety is of the highest priority: transportation systems: airports, highways, bridges; high-rise buildings, theme parks. Additional Type “A” monuments are established only from existing Type A monuments. Thus, creating an extremely high order of accuracy networking.