Florida-based company adds GPS on guns for keeping them safe

Florida-based company adds GPS on guns for keeping them safe


US: A Clearwater, Florida-based company is putting efforts in making gun owners aware about their weapons as many stolen guns are being used to commit crimes. TracFind is the company that is developing a small device that can be attached to guns. The device combines GPS tracking technology that can track a stolen or lost weapon within three feet in real time via smartphones.

The GPS device comes with an added feature that notifies the gun owner immediately if the secured gun moves as much as an inch.

Some gun owners dislike the gun locks and other devices that they believe may impede the use of the gun should the owner need it in a self-defense situation. This doesn’t do that, TracFind officials say, and that’s a big selling point.

“Most gun owners won’t use ‘smart gun’ technology due to the possibility that it may interfere with the gun’s function when needed, so we designed TracFind with that in mind,” said Clark East, the company’s founder and CEO, who plans to market the device later this year.

“TracFind is a device for smart owners of ‘dumb’ guns who want to protect their loved ones and prevent firearm tragedies,” he said.

TracFind resembles a small key fob and can be attached to a wide variety of items, though its placement on guns — and the software that alerts owners immediately if it is moved — may be the groundbreaking aspect that sets it apart from other trackers, said Ron Laker, the company’s president of business development.

Source: TBO