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Flood mitigation map launched in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: A new digital mapping system that shows the main causes of last year’s Jeddah floods in which over 100 people died has been unveiled by Zaki M.A. Farsi Group.  The system will help in investigating the reasons behind the floods and will provide flood risk mitigation mechanisms. “We have received support from the government to build a massive database containing information about Jeddah in terms of its buildings and geography,” he said.

“We’ve received similar support to create a digital map for Riyadh‭. ‬We want to find out whether the recent floods in Riyadh were caused by a lack of infrastructure or simply heavy rains,” said Osama Al-Nabulsi, Assistant Head of Technology Affairs at Farsi Geo Tech Group.

“We used information we have about Jeddah, including satellite photos, to identify the exact movement of floodwater and how it affects the outer areas of Jeddah,” he said.  “The new technology will give government institutions access to the most updated geographical database in the Kingdom to avoid a recurrence of another catastrophe.”

“With the support of satellites, we will be able to know the weak points in Jeddah’s infrastructure and find ways to fix them. From now on, future catastrophes will be identified and we will be able to work hard to avoid them,” said Al-Nabulsi.

Source: Arab News