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FLIR introduces two new neutrino camera series

USA: FLIR has introduced two new neutrino cameras; the FLIR Neutrino QX and SX12. The Neutrino LC is a size, weight and power (SWaP) optimized core based on FLIR’s HOT focal plane array (FPA) technology, FLIR’s new linear micro-cooler and FLIR’s Boson image-processing electronics.

Running a 640×512/15µ (ISC0403) FPA, the camera easily fits in the palm of the user’sy hand and consumes less than 4 watts when imaging. In addition to its obvious SWaP advantages, the Neutrino LC provides faster time to image and longer cooler lifetimes. Neutrino LC meets the targeted needs of commercial and military markets, specifically security, Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), solider dismount and UAS/CUAS applications.

Neutrino SX12 is based on a FLIR 1280×1024/12µ (ISC1308) resolution focal plane array (FPA) and has a frame rate of 120HZ 720P and >60Hz for SXGA. Neutrino QX is based on a FLIR 2048×1536/10µ (ISC1501) FPA and has a frame rate of 60Hz 1080P and >30Hz QXGA.

With these resolutions and frame rates, they are ideal for ground based or airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Counter UAS (CUAS) solutions and Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) applications. Recognizing integrator’s different operating requirements, the performance series is offered with different FPA types and optical interface options.

FLIR Neutrino produces superb thermal images using its 640 x 512 InSb 15 µm array. It utilizes common software architecture and the same SDK, GUI and command protocols as the uncooled FLIR Tau and FLIR Quark family of LWIR cameras.