Flight MH17 tragedy satellite images released

Flight MH17 tragedy satellite images released


US: The Obama administration, fuelling the hypothesis of complicity between Russia and Ukrainian separatists has released images taken of the Russian military facility near Rostov over the span of a month, before-and-after slides that reportedly show a considerable buildup after Russia had pledged to pull back from Ukraine.

Satellite imagery showing missile launcher movement near Rostov, Ukraine

Satellite Imagery notes movements of a surface-to-air missile launcher in Ukraine

U.S. officials have also stated that they had seen “indications” of advanced antiaircraft systems being moved into eastern Ukraine from Russia and being removed after the jet was shot down.

Details on the satellites and other sophisticated sensors that led US intelligence to track the path of the missile have, however, not been shared.

Earlier, DigitalGlobe also released photos Monday of Malaysia Airlines flight 17's crash site.

Source: Satellite News Today