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Flash Global Logistics adopts ArcGIS platform

US: Flash Global Logistics has adopted the Esri ArcGIS platform. Flash's staff can now use location information to manage complex delivery schedules and monitor drivers and inventory throughout the day. It helps provide customers with the high-quality service they expect. "ArcGIS complements Flash's clients' network optimisation processes by enhancing output visualisations and improving the turnaround time for complex analysis of network statistical data. Network optimisation adds a tremendous value to all Flash clients globally. It reduces costs and ensures service-level agreements are consistently met,” said Douglas Ray, Director of quality and performance for Flash.

Using ArcGIS technology, Flash can combine information from many sources to view supply chain operations including logistics activities and trends by location. This allows Flash to proactively plan business by more effectively managing service-level agreements. It also takes the guesswork out of the strategic movement, management, and tracking of critical parts and products worldwide. "We are pleased to provide technology that will help Flash provide even better service globally for its customers. GIS and location analytics help combine the intelligence that Flash needs to know about market conditions and delivery service requirements to help streamline the supply chain,” said Wolfgang Hall, Logistics Industry Manager at Esri

Source: Esri