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Flanders chooses IKONOS

Flanders has chosen to buy a complete coverage of the Flemish region (13.512 km2) in Very High Resolution images of the IKONOS satellite. The contract was awarded to GIM – Geographic Information Management NV located in Heverlee. GIM is a service provider in the areas of GIS and Earth Observation. GIM is official reseller of IKONOS images since 1999.The IKONOS coverage will consist of images acquired in the growing seasons of 2002 and 2003. Tasking, acquisition and production of the complete coverage will be done by European Space Imaging located in Münich (Oberpfaffenhofen). EUSI is the newest Regional Affiliate of Space Imaging Inc. and has complete control over satellite tasking and image production in a circle of 2300 km radius around the satellite receiving station in Münich. The IKONOS satellite will provide 1-meter black & white images as well as 4 meter and 1 meter multispectral images (blue, green, red and near infrared channels) for Flanders. The accuracy of the coverage will be 3.5 meter RMS. The Minister of the Government of Flanders decided the realisation of this complete coverage of the Flemish region in Very High Resolution images for Finance and Budget, Town and Country Planning, Sciences and Technological Innovation Dirk Van Mechelen. It fits within the demonstration projects of the Flemish Government to set up innovative, electronic information services based on satellite images and on the technology of Geographic Information Systems. With these projects the Flemish Government wants to support the local Governments to execute the decree Town and Country Planning.The license agreement for the IKONOS coverage grants a user license to the VLM Service Centre-GIS Flanders and permits internal use of the product by the organisations being member of GIS-Flanders, such as the Flemish Ministries, Agencies, provinces and municipalities. The availability of a complete coverage in Very High Resolution satellite images for Flanders is extremely important for a number of Flemish administrations working in agriculture, spatial planning, forest management, management of urban areas, etc.