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Five Seas radar monitoring

The ScanEx Center has been implementing the programme for satellite monitoring of the shipping situation and oil pollution in the five Russian seas within the two weeks from December 15 through 27. Situation detection and management in the Barents, Okhotsk, Japan, Caspian and Black seas is achieved using radar images from Radarsat-1 (Canada) and Envisat-1 (European Space Agency) satellites. Near real-time reception of images to the Center’s network of ground stations in Moscow and Magadan will ensure daily coverage of the regions of interest (which is beyond capability of a single satellite).

Processed satellite data indicating presence of oil slicks and locations of vessels will be promptly supplied to users in various regions of Russia via the “Kosmosnimki – Russian Seas” geoportal (some images are accessible in the demo version of the geoportal . The primary users of marine situation data are the Russian Ministry of Emergencies (EMERCOM) and regional EMERCOM centers.