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Fishing trawlers to be equipped with GPS software

Gandhinagar, Dec 3: In a swift initiative to tighten security in coastal areas, the Gujarat government has decided to equip all fishing trawlers with the Global Positioning System (GPS) software.

Talking to reporters here, the state government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas, who is also the Health and Tourism Minister, said the GPS Software has been developed by the Tata Consultancy Software Limited (TCS) for the Gujarat government.

The GPS software will help the fishermen as well as coastal security agencies to know positions of the trawlers going for fishing in the Arabian Sea at any given time, Mr Vyas said. Mr Vyas clarified that the installation of the GPS software on fishing trawlers had been already on the agenda of the Gujarat government.

Referring to the Mumbai terror strikes, he said, ”It is not something like we have waken up from the present scenario, but we were already in the process of implementing it (GPS Software), it has just been expedited.” Besides this, several other measures have been taken by the Government to ensure security and safety of fishermen as well as the long coastal stretch of Gujarat, Mr Vyas said.

”We have also urged the Union government to strengthen the Central Agencies like the Coast Guard, Navy and others to prevent recurrence of the Mumbai terror attacks,” Mr Vyas added.