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Fishermen get crash course in using GPS

Malacca, Malaysia: The fishermen from Kampung Hailam, Kampung Balik Pengkil, Kampung Lereh and Kampung Batang Tiga in Malacca, Malaysia; were recently given a crash course in geography and the use of the satellite-based GPS system. It was organised following an incident in January where six fishermen were detained for more than a week by Indonesian authorities after straying into the neighbouring country’s waters near Sumatra.

State Fisheries Department director Rosmawati Ghazali said, “The fishermen were given a lesson on the international maritime boundary between Malaysia and Indonesia and how to avoid the busy shipping lanes along the Straits of Malacca. Besides not straying into foreign waters, we also want to advise the fishermen to avoid the shipping lanes owing to the danger of being hit by larger vessels.”

She added that the fishermen were also encouraged to use satellite GPS devices if they wanted to know their precise location while out at sea.

Source: The Star

Image Credit: Wikipedia