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First ScanEx software product in the USA

USA, 2 October 2006: The American Geographic Information Science Center of Excellence (GIScCE) has purchased the ScanEx Image Processor software application for space images processing within the NASA forest monitoring project.

ScanEx Image Processor is a multifunction program for preliminary and thematic processing of satellite images and creation of end-products – maps, models, as well as for exporting data to GIS and other image processing systems.

GIScCE Center (https://globalmonitoring.sdstate.edu), headed by Professor Matthew C. Hansen, was established by joint efforts of the South Dakota State University (SDSU) and EROS data center of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). GIScCE Center studies global land cover changes on Earth.

ScanEx Image Processor was chosen as a result of the recent start of the GIScCE work on the NASA Global Forest Monitoring Project. Landsat images have been used for forest cover changes monitoring and mapping over the past five years. Real-time co-registration is one of the problems for Landsat images analysis. The Center specialists performed a comparative testing of existing automatic co-registration algorithms, used in different software applications, which revealed that ScanEx Image Processor is the most optimal solution in terms of algorithm quality and processing speed.

According to the GIScCE Center specialist Peter Potapov, who tested the Image Processor demo version, “Image Processor is the quickest and most accurate algorithm of all the competing modern software products. Image Processor demo version demonstrated a perfect result only in 20 seconds after the start of a 20×20 km image fragment test.

For more information visit: https://scanex.com/en/site/software/default.asp?submenu=imageprocessor&id=downloads