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First SARscape workshop and seminar at GIS Institute, Noida

GIS Institute, Noida has organized the first SARscape workshop in South Asia. The workshop was conducted in colloboration with European Space Agency on 20-21st November 2002. The objective of the workshop was intended to raise the awareness of the recent developments and state of art of applications of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data with special emphasis on SARscape image processing software developed by Sarmap.

Dr. Maasimo Barbieri from Sarmap has presented the basic part of SARscape software for the analysis of radar images. And Dr. Paolo Pasquali from Sarmap presented the SARscape module useful for Interferometric process. There were some case studies were presented on crop monitoring in particular rice, ground deformation particularly land subsidence activity, DEM generation both from satellite and airborne SAR systems, disaster monitoring, desertification mapping and monitoring. Dr.Champaty Ray from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing presented his experience in the SARmap Swiss premises on land slide monitoring through SARInterferometry. Dr. Bothale from Rajasthan Remote Sensing Service Centre, Jodhpur demonstrated the application of SAR airborne data processing. Dr. R. Siva Kumar, GIS Institute opined that technology should reach all the developing countries and for this the cost of the SAR data should come down.

There were more than 30 decision makers and technical experts form various government, private sector, industries and NGO participated in the programme. After two days of discussion over the use of SAR technology for different developmental applications in India, the attendees of the workshop has shown interest of applying these not yet widely used earth observation techniques. The participants have shown more interest on the use of interferometric techniques to generate digital elevation model.